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Class Schedule


Class Descriptions


These 60-minute conditioning-focused classes are accessible to all levels. This class takes advantage of a variety of unconventional tools like kettlebells, steel maces, steel clubs, sand bags, and more. The focus on larger groups provides a high-energy atmosphere and the classes are structured with a focus on delivering the perfect blend of fat loss, skill development, and fun.


These 30-min, high intensity classes provide a concentrated burst of high paced training for a mid-day jump start. With a focus on bodyweight and unconventional tools, the Express class is perfect for those looking to get maximal results in minimal time.


These 60-minute classes are focused on restorative movement and recovery. Each class incorporates a combination of ground based movement, soft tissue release, and functional mobility. Attending Durability classes regularly is a sound investment towards longevity and will contribute to sustainable long-term progress.


These 60-minute classes combine bodyweight and barbell conditioning by reinforcing the fundamentals of primary barbell movements and throughout the class building to a barbell conditioning complex stringing all the movements together. This class is great for mastering the barbell basics with lighter weight and also ramping up a metabolic training effect through conditioning complexes and time under tension.


This 60-minute interval-based conditioning class incorporates bodyweight movement, kettlebells, and state of the art cardio equipment like curved SKILLMILL treadmills, Concept 2 SkiErgs, and Concept 2 Rowers. This class is great for fat loss and improved endurance for all levels.