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Optimized Fitness Program

The Optimized Fitness Program is designed to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results. With the expert programming of Onnit's professional trainers, weekly small group training sessions, yoga, and more, you’ll have all the tools you need to succeed!

The Optimized Fitness Program
Unlimited Large Group Classes
Improve conditioning, skill, and longevity with a variety of innovative bodyweight/mobility techniques combined with Onnit's unconventional training tools like kettlebells, steel maces, battle ropes, and more!
Up to 3 Small Group Semi-Private Training Sessions per week:
Focus on strength and overall work capacity with these sessions using an effective combination of traditional lifting, metabolic conditioning, and advanced unconventional methods. These combined with the classes make for a powerful combo to achieve awesome results for performance, physique, and longevity!
Unlimited Black Swan Yoga
Here at Onnit we emphasize recovery, mobility, and flexibility and their is no better way to achieve those results than with our partners at all Austin-area Black Swan studios!
Body Composition/Performance Tracking

Jake Morrow

Jake is a father of three girls and the Channel Sales Director at the KCCO Brewery. A busy family man that travels regularly and literally has to drink beer regularly to fulfill his job duties. Though this is a far from ideal set of circumstances...Jake has made huge strides towards his goal of losing 100lbs.

Jake Morrow: Before and After Photos (335lbs)
335 lbs.
Jake Morrow: Before and After Photos (295lbs)
295 lbs.
Jake Morrow: Before and After Photos (275lbs)
275 lbs.

I work out at least 3 days a week at Onnit and walking 10 plus miles throughout the week. Exercise is focusing on increased mobility and strength. I’m building a good base of stretching and strength so that we can gradually increase the workload (this ensures that my body doesn’t fatigue too fast or become injured.) Biggest areas of improvement so far are my overall balance and stability in as well as my hip and hamstring flexibility. My overall energy levels have skyrocketed.

Manuel & Paula Moran

Lifestyle change can be challenging for anyone. Though we do our best to create a supportive environment to facilitate such changes, success is often determined by the support you get outside of the gym. For this reason, participation with your spouse or a close friend can provide more accountability and better results.

Manuel and Paula Moran started training at the Onnit Gym three months ago and have seen huge changes in their bodies as well as their energy levels. They show up together and always leave with smiles on their faces.

Manuel Moran: Before Transformation Photo
Manuel Moran: After Transformation Photo
Paula Moran: Before Transformation Photo
Paula Moran: After Transformation Photos

I have been with the Onnit Gym for 3 months now. The results I have achieved so far are due to Erik Melland’s perfect combinations of diverse unconventional training methods; making it possible to accomplish my goals to a better me. The professionalism and extensive knowledge of all the trainers are always on point. They are always willing to answer any questions I have no matter how simple or complex they may be. You can’t find a better group of trainers at any other gym even if you tried! I promise you that! But what is more important and possibly the one thing that makes this gym the very best, is the fact that they make you feel important regardless of what level of training you are at. From the beginners to the advance members, they know your name when you walk in front door and always have a smile on their faces making you feel welcomed. I recommend this gym to all my friends and family or anyone who will listen. You won’t be disappointed!

Brittany Marshall

Brittany is a recent mother of four, having quadruplets. She stayed active throughout her pregnancy and got back into bikini shape fast with the support of her coach at the Onnit Gym.

Brittany Marshall: Before Transformation
Brittany Marshall: After Transformation

When I started working out at Onnit, I went from good shape to the best shape I had ever been. After several months at Onnit I found out I was pregnant with quadruplets. Due to such a high risk pregnancy, I was unable to continue working out. I stayed on track with eating healthy and was able to maintain a healthy weight and muscle tone. I started back at Onnit 6 weeks after delivering and was quickly able to bounce back and get back on the road to great shape. I am positive that my time at Onnit was a huge factor in the overall ease of my pregnancy and ability to quickly get back in shape!

Josh Nichols

Josh Nichols is a young professional with a traveling sales job. His patterns of eating and taking out clients led to weight gain. This former model got his groove back after joining Onnit Gym and has become a vocal peer leader in the community.

Josh Nichols: Before Photo
Josh Nichols: After Photo

After 16 years of not working out I needed a life change. The programming is state of the art and the people behind the onnit brand have become family. The Onnit Gym has completely changed and enriched my life.

Jena Mays

Jena has always been thin but wasn’t always comfortable with her body. She had already adopted a fitness lifestyle and made progress but dedicated 6 weeks of focused work to get contest ready.

Jena Mays: Before Photo
Jena Mays: After Photo

Before I came to train at Onnit, I had a difficult time building lean muscle. I was a member at a large franchised gym. All the machines were a bit overwhelming and half of them I didn’t even know how to work. Here at the Onnit Gym everyone works out in a more unconventional way. You won’t see many machines in the gym. More so free handed weights such as kettlebells, battle ropes, clubs, maces ext. When first joining I had never worked with any of this type of workout equipment and I was a bit intimidated. The trainers here were so patient with me. Taking time to explain the movements and why they would be beneficial to me. Now I can’t imagine training any other way.

The Onnit Gym trainers have not only helped me with my fitness, but also my nutrition. They have given me great advice on what to and not to eat. A great and unique feature the academy has is whole body cryotherapy. Recently I trained for a fitness competition and I would not have been able to recover as fast from my work outs if it wasn’t for the cryotherapy chamber treatments. I was skeptical at first, but once I tried it I saw a substantial difference in my recovery time and was able to get back in the gym faster.

Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams: Before Photo
Ryan Williams: After Photo

Before Onnit, my workouts were not efficient, I didn’t have a plan at the gym and would end up performing the same exercises over and over. I was intimidated at first to attend an Onnit session but to my surprise the entire class was not made up of athletes but people just like me who were looking for guidance and a different type of work out. Now by simply just showing up 2-3 days a week at Onnit, I am seeing more results that going to the gym by myself six days a week.

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