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Voted Austin's "Best Place to Workout", "Best Fitness Class", "Hardest Workout" by Austin Fit Magazine

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Our overarching philosophy at Onnit Gym is to help everyday people achieve extraordinary results through a focus on longevity, performance, and community. We do this by meeting you wherever you are on your fitness journey and helping you take the right steps toward your goals, no matter what they are, through expertly programmed small group strength and conditioning sessions and private coaching.

our culture

With clients from all walks of life and all fitness backgrounds, our Onnit Gym community fosters a culture of fun, encouragement, and accountability. While everyone's specific goals and background may differ, our community shares a singular, like-minded purpose: move better every day.

our mission

The objective of the Onnit Gym is to teach men and women of all ages and abilities the techniques and methodologies to overcome any physical challenge.

our facility

The Onnit Gym is the 10,000 square foot flagship facility located adjacent to Onnit Labs Headquarters in Austin, Texas. This unique facility combines all of Onnit’s innovative, unconventional training equipment with the methodologies and highly trained personnel to provide you with an unmatched experience. With two uniquely outfitted training spaces, the Onnit Gym utilizes highly refined implements and effective training techniques to help you achieve maximum performance for any goal.

our coaches

At the Onnit Gym, we strive to employ the very best in the business to give you access to decades of combined coaching knowledge and experience.  To put it simply, your success is as important to our team as it is to you. With our highly motivated team of professionals, you can achieve any result safely, efficiently, and sustainably.

Onnit Gym boasts two fully equipped training spaces to serve our Small Group and Private Training services. With professional grade sprint turf, multiple racks, a large multi-use rig, thousands of pounds of iron, conditioning implements (sleds, Airdyne Bikes, Concept 2 SkiERGs and rowers) and a variety of training implements like barbells, kettlebells, steel maces, and more, we provide everything you need to succeed!

In addition to tried and true traditional methods, we specialize in unconventional training through the use of ancient tools like kettlebells, maces, and clubs. Through their unorthodox design and weight distribution, these tools are uniquely beneficial in improving rotational power & stability, grip strength, full body stamina & strength, motor control & coordination,  and movement ownership in every plane of motion. No matter your goal, these tools are a great way to enhance your training and take your movement to the next level.

Step up your recovery game with Onnit Gym's newly renovated recovery amenities! In addition to a brand new large sauna, we also now offer 3 state of the art Blue Cube cold tubs so you can get the benefits of hot and cold before and after training or on recovery days!

Onnit Gym is equipped with 2 full-sized locker rooms (1 male, 1 female) with large and small towels, dozens of lockers, and storage shelves just outside. All locker rooms also come equipped with large personal showers complete with soap, shampoo, and conditioner dispensers. In addition to the full size locker rooms, we now also offer a newly renovated unisex area with 2 private shower/changing rooms and 2 private bathrooms.

Pre- and post-workout supplementation is extremely important if you want to get the most out of your time spent training, that's why the Onnit Gym features a high-end smoothie bar. Here you can order both coffee and smoothie mixes that will help you prepare for your session, recover from your session, or satisfy your cravings for holistic food and supplements.

There's no way around it… a solid workout will always make you sweat; and here at the Onnit Gym you'll be doing more than that. After handling steel tools, crawling on turf and rubber, and slapping hands with friends after extreme workouts, you're going to want to clean up. Fortunately, our locker rooms feature multiple luxurious showers for you to use.

If you are looking for preworkout, recovery, or just general health and lifestyle supplements, we've got you covered with our fully stocked supplement shop where you can get everything from protein to nootropics. And if you're wanting to take your fitness home with you, you'll also find our kettlebells, maces, clubs, and more available for purchase in our retail lounge.

The Onnit Gym features a 90-foot span of professional grade athletic turf, useful for both athletic and power training. We've brought the outdoors in for you to practice football, soccer, and rugby agility training, as well as hardcore sled push/pull strength training.

The time before and after your workout is special; you need a relaxing space to prepare yourself for a good session, as well as a soothing atmosphere to recover from high intensity training. The lobby of the Onnit Gym features a large display showing inspirational footage, natural wood accents, soft lighting, and seating. Every element has been designed to put you in the proper state of mind for total human optimization.

At the Onnit Gym, you do more than just exercise, you learn how to train. You can take the skills you gain here and apply them anywhere, whether that's at home, at work, or at a local park, you'll be able to use Onnit tools to get a workout. All the fitness tools Onnit has to offer are prominently displayed for you to browse and select your weapon of choice for your next workout. Check out Primal Bells, kettlebells, Steel Maces, Steel Clubs, and more!

Both of Onnit Gym's primary workout areas feature high-quality, 24-foot long pull up rigs featuring a variety of attachments and features. In the sport performance training space, one end of the rig features The Tower, a 12-foot tall upright section that can be used for gym rings and rope climbs. Each rig also features landmines, dip stations, j-cups, safety bars, heavy bags, and a variety of pull up bar heights.

The Onnit Gym also offers Unconventional Training Certifications. Gaining an Unconventional Training Certification does more than get you acclimated to the wide world of functional implements, the lessons you’ll learn will allow you advance as far as you want to go. From being able to proficiently guide your personal fitness objectives to engineering new programs to teach the masses, the Onnit Gym has a path for everyone.

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